Quartz Classic®

Quartz sink

The Elkay Quartz Sink is ageless, gorgeous, sturdy, and functional. A novel manufacturing method that mixes genuine quartz with high-performance acrylic resin gives these composite granite sinks rich hues and durability.

Quartz sink
Quartz sink
  1. Not susceptible to cooler fading, stains, scratches, or smudges.
  2. The perfect Karran sink for the bar/prep area, laundry room, mudroom, or kitchen is also suitable for ADA settings.
  3. Elkay offers the most incredible selection of quartz sinks on the market, which means there is a sink configuration and colour for any space and personality.

What are quartz countertops?

Quartz slabs are made from man-made or designed materials that are mostly rocks, like quartz.1. The slabs are strong and thick, like real stone, because they are very concentrated.

About 90% of quartz countertops are made from reclaimed granite, marble, quartz, and other industry trash that has been broken. The last 10 percent of quartz surfaces are made up of plastic fillers.

Pros and Cons of White Quartz Countertops


  • Hard: Because quartz is in white quartz slabs, they are not soft at all. Quartz is stronger than glass and a lot of metals.
  • White quartz countertops are more easily cleaned compared to porous white surfaces such as marble.
  • Highly resistant to scratches: White quartz countertops possess exceptional scratch resistance, to the extent that they can even dull cutlery.
  • Waterproof: White quartz countertops have the quality of being impervious to water, which sets them apart from other materials such as white marble. Additionally, white quartz has a high level of resistance to staining.
  • White quartz countertops are manufactured to eliminate any flaws that may be present in natural stone, ensuring consistency.
  • Resembling stone: White quartz countertops have a similar appearance and texture to actual stone, but their resin composition makes them simpler to upkeep compared to genuine stone.
  • White quartz countertops are versatile and may be used in both modern and traditional settings, seamlessly blending in with the aesthetic of marble when needed.


  • Non-heat-resistant: White quartz countertops may be damaged by hot cookware, resulting in the formation of yellow or brown markings. Repairing scorch scars need the expertise of a specialist.
  • White quartz countertops are prone to readily displaying dirt and scuff marks caused by appliances and tools, more so than counters made from darker-colored materials.
  • Challenging to fix: Repairing quartz countertops necessitates the use of acrylic adhesives and epoxies, which is a task best left to specialists. Repairing white quartz countertops may be challenging due to the heightened visibility of any repairs.
  • Costly: The price of quartz countertops varies from $53 to $149 per square foot.The average price for 2 square feet of white quartz countertop is $65 per square foot.
  • Seams: The size of the countertop is not restricted to the dimensions of the quartz countertop slabs; however, there will be visible joints where neighboring slabs meet. Improperly executed seams can occasionally be rather noticeable.
  • Fabricated: While white quartz countertops may bear a resemblance to white marble extracted from a quarry, they are not made from genuine marble. Quartz countertops are a synthetic material produced in a manufacturing facility.
  • Installation by a trained professional is necessary. It is generally advised against attempting the self-installation of white quartz countertops. Fabricating and installing quartz countertops necessitates a considerable amount of expertise and the use of specialized tools.

Stunning new colors: Drop-In Quartz

Further options are available to complement your interior design, such as spotless white, jet black, and warm golden brown.

A new-size Karran Quartz sink

Discover your optimal size. The 30″ sink provides enough room for both work and cleaning purposes.

Karran Quartz sink
Karran Quartz sink

Sustainable material For Kohler Quartz Sink

The Quartz Luxe hues have been meticulously developed using a novel sustainable substance.

Quartz Luxe®

Extraordinary by Design

The distinction is in the specifics. The Elkay Quartz Luxe® sinks are offered in vibrant hues and with a luxuriously smooth texture, making them well-suited for tackling challenging jobs, whether they are in the kitchen or mudroom.

Quartz Luxe®
Quartz Luxe®
  • NEW: A curated collection of environmentally friendly sinks made from about 99% natural, renewable, or recycled materials.
  • The color options available include blue, brown, black, gray, cream, and white.
  • The available options for kitchen sinks include a typical farmhouse apron front kitchen sink with a workstation or a dual-mount bar sink.
  • Improve your sink by using a drain that matches the colour of the sink; Perfect Drain® is available on certain models.

Quartz Classic®

Strong and Beautiful

Individuals universally adore the ageless elegance and beauty of a classic. Elkay Quartz Classic® sinks provide natural stone’s genuine appearance and tactile sensation. These quartz composite sinks, which come in various beautiful, natural colours, have been enhancing kitchens with vibrant hues for over ten years.

Quartz Classic®
Quartz Classic®
  • It is offered in a variety of natural hues, including white, brown, grey, and black.
  • The Aqua DivideTM feature is included in popular Quartz Classic double bowl sinks.
  • Undermount and drop-in kitchen sinks that comply with ADA standards provide elegance and accessibility.
  • One may enhance the height of their sink by using a colour-matched drain, such as the Perfect Drain®, which is offered on certain laundry sink types.
  • The increased length of 30 inches offers a more extensive work and cleaning area.

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