Germany Euro 2024: How To Stream The Event With A Germany VPN

Are you a football enthusiast? Excited much about the upcoming summer fever of football that begins in Munich this June? Worried about how to access the European Championships games in your country outside of Germany? Well, football is for all, and wherever you are, you can not be stopped by anything to watch your favorite players and teams challenge for the prestigious European Cup. Not even geo-restrictions. The summer of football takes place in Germany, so this guide will provide a detailed knowhow of how to use a Germany VPN and watch your favorite Euro 2024 games live online. 

Euro 2024: Where And How Is It Happening?

The 2024 UEFA European Football Championship begins on June 14th in the starry city of Munich, Germany. Germany hosts the whole event, and 24 European nations, including the hosts, will compete for the ultimate prize: the UEFA Euro 2024 Trophy! 

Each team will compete with three others, as six groups are created, each with four teams. The top two from each group will get a straight qualification to the round of 16. For the remaining four teams that have to fill the spots for the round of 16, all the third-place teams in each group will be compared, and the four with the best stats will be chosen from the remaining 6 ones. 

The ten beautiful cities that will be hosting the 24 nations over the course of a month have already divided the games: Munich, Leipzig, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Cologne, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, and Gelsenkirchen. The final will be played in the capital, Berlin. 

What Is A Germany VPN?

Now, you must be wondering where a Germany VPN fits in this topic of the UEFA European Football Championship. Well, the answer to this is, literally everywhere. 

While the Euros will be broadcast worldwide, the broadcast rights are available to both types of platforms: free and paid. Now, these channels are based in a particular country and are available only in the country of its origin or some of the neighboring countries. The content that is supposed to be broadcast worldwide won’t be available on one platform worldwide. Well, except for, that’s a different topic for now. Let’s just jump to the solution. 

Why Do You Need A Germany VPN For The 2024 Euros?

A Germany VPN is a premium VPN with fast-speed servers located in Germany. Not just in the host nation but also has a vast network across the word, offering extensive IP addresses to users worldwide. To watch the Euro 2024 from Germany however, you must have to connect to a German server and then access RTL or ZDF. 

Not just to access content from Germany, you can also watch the mega event and all of its games in different countries, from different countries that are offering the chance to witness a particular game live to its people. 

Where To Watch UEFA Euro 2024 Free With A VPN For Germany

Below are the following links, channels, websites, and applications that will be broadcasting the UEFA European Championship games live online. However, it is to be noted that the number of games to be broadcast differs from the total number of games that will be played in the UEFA Euro 2024. 

GermanyRTL, ZDF
UK and IrelandBBC iPlayer, ITVX
AustriaServusTV, ORF
Belgium RTBF, VRT
FranceTF1, 6Play

However, it must be noted that all of the above-mentioned channels and websites won’t be telecasting all of the games from the Euros 2024. In that case, you will have to change your IP address accordingly to the other country’s server.

How To Stream Euro 2024 Matches For Free With A Germany VPN

To stream the Euro 2024 games live from Germany, you will have to remember that only three channels are going to be broadcasting the European Championship matches: ARD, ZDF, and RTL. To access these geo-restricted channels in your region, just open your VPN and connect to a lightning-fast server located in Germany. You can then proceed to watch your desired games live from Germany, for free.

The Benefits Of Using A Germany VPN To Watch Euro 2024 Online

The benefits of using a VPN for Germany are immense. However, we have highlighted the top-most ones that can not be dared to miss, especially for those who are new to the world of VPNs:

Complete Online Anonymity

With a secure VPN connection, you can mask your identity completely. You can play games, browse websites, gamble worldwide, and access content unavailable in your region without any chance of exposing your identity. 

Fast Bandwidth Speeds

Once connected with a VPN, it tunnels your internet connection, generating the user a new IP address. This address is foolproof and doesn’t come under the jurisdiction of the user’s local ISP, thus giving him a free run and a much better internet speed to access content without buffering or lags, especially live sports. Enjoy Euro 2024 with a top-notch Germany VPN

Foolproof Security

A VPN is the first and the last line of defense for safeguarding an online user of the internet. It masks your IP address and keeps your identity hidden, leaving no traces of your footprints while browsing online.

Military-Grade Encryption

The user’s activity is protected with end-to-end military-grade encryption. The moment the connection drops/disconnects, all the history is wiped off clean, leaving no records whatsoever. Furthermore, a premium VPN never stores your data that anybody could steal or monitor it from anywhere. 

Multiple Device Compatibility

A great VPN service provider is always available on a handful of devices; some even offer an unlimited devices package like FastestVPN. The more devices you have the VPN on, the more chance you have to watch the UEFA Euros in your own comfort. 


This summer of football, don’t miss a second’s action due to your own lack of competency and your local ISP throttling your internet connection. Now you know how immense a Germany VPN is for anyone out there this summer. The European Championship that takes place in Germany isn’t something that comes every month; it’s a star-studded tournament that happens once every four years. Make the most of this opportunity and watch the exciting mega-event filled with unlimited entertainment for free, all with the help of a premium VPN with a vast server network across the world.

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