Food Companies and the Power of Older Adults

Food Companies and the Power of Older Adults

Older consumers are growing very fast as their population has increased up to 150 million by 2050 in the USA. But you would be surprised about the fact that whenever a brand launches a new product, it is aimed at the younger generation. A survey said just 1% of new product launches specifically aiming for boomers. Brands are constantly missing a big source of income, as older consumers are known to be the golden luck for more reach and sales.

Everyone is now aware of the demographics that it is tilting towards the boomers. With time, we are watching many brands approaching older customers as they now know the fact that baby boomers are the keys to billion-dollar sales for food companies.

This blog post will address the power of older adults in spending on your brand if it reflects their ideologies. Explore and adopt these strategies to boost their loyalty, too.

Why focus on older adults?

Older adults have a lot to offer the food industry. They’re a group with real spending power.

Big spenders

Old-aged adults have a great amount of savings, and they are not afraid to spend money on products they know and trust.

Brand buddies

Remember those cereals and soups you enjoyed as a kid? Many older adults do too! They tend to be loyal to brands they’ve grown up with, making them reliable customers.

Health in mind

With age, we become health conscious. Older buddies try to eat organic yet tasty food. 

Unique needs

Our bodies change as we get older. Older adults might need smaller portions of food. So, it is necessary to design cardboard packaging that’s easier to open.

What do they look for?

Older consumers always opt for tasty and healthy food whenever they are shopping for groceries. It would be best if you had these key things to prioritize for better reach:


Older adults want foods that can help them manage the body conditions they are going through. It can be diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis.

Taste lovers

Do not make something that is healthier but lacks in taste. They enjoy the taste in every bite of their favorite food.

Easy opening packaging

Opening jars and packages can become difficult for them to open. They will appreciate custom cardboard packaging that’s easy to open and reseal.

They need the right size

The right size for the old fellows must be smaller portions because they cook only for one or maybe two persons.

Companies winning the trust of older adults

Let’s see some companies putting these ideas into action and getting the desired results.

Campbell’s soup is loved by heart-problem consumers

Campbell’s offers heart-healthy soup options loaded with vegetables and fiber, perfect for those watching their health.

Sunsweet Growers

Sun sweet Growers went beyond prune juice and created Plum Smart products. These tasty products offer healthy nutrients for their bones.


Danone deals with a plant-based milk brand known as White Wave. This helped them to enrich their products with milk.

Abbott’s is helping them for recovery

Recovering from illness can be tough and this brand offers protein drinks with lots of nutrients to help adults with illness recovery.

Kate Farms made nutritional shakes

Kate Farms makes meal replacement shakes that are perfect for older adults. These shakes are packed with prebiotic fiber, good for gut health, and are free of common allergens and artificial ingredients.

Finding the Perfect Balance: Not Too Young, Not Too Old

Food companies need to create high-quality products in premium cardboard boxes to appeal to older fellows. These are some important points to consider:

  • Do not write “Seniors Only” on the cardboard display packaging. You may use certain hints. Like using ageless designs and messaging that focuses on general health benefits.
  • The reason for buying is different in both adult and young generations. Younger generations might be interested in single-serve portions while older adults might choose them for smaller portion sizes or convenience.
  • Food companies are realizing the importance of creating a variety of products that cater to different needs and preferences. 

The conclusion to golden opportunities

The food industry is finally recognizing the power of older adults. They represent a significant market with strong spending power and unique needs. Creating delicious, healthy, and convenient food options with easy-to-use packaging will be a goldmine of opportunity. Older adults get the food they need to stay healthy and active, and food companies will level up in a growing market. So next time you’re at the grocery store, take a closer look at those familiar brands.

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