Wall Stone


Blue/Grey Colonial Wall Stone, Thin
Wall Stone
Wall Stone
Blue/Grey Colonial Wall Stone, Thick
  • A native stone
  • Applied to both dry and wet-laid walls

About This Flagstone

Earth tones, rich textures, and a variety of curves are combined in the Natural Impressions Flagstones Wall Retaining Wall System to create the appearance of natural piled slate. The Natural Impressions Flagstones Retaining Wall System’s multifaceted face facilitates rapid and simple installation. In almost no time at all, it offers a multi-dimensional appearance. For residential gardens, terraces, tree rings, seating spaces, and borders, the flagstone retaining wall is ideal.


  • Automatic setback and a self-aligning rear lip provide a sturdy, trouble-free installation.
  • For longevity, use drycast concrete construction
  • Pallet-to-pallet color variations are possible with concrete goods; thus, please buy your projects all at once.
  • Erect walls up to 24 inches high

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