Farmhouse sink with drainboard

Drop-In Farmhouse Sinks

A drop-in farmhouse sinks, also referred to as a top-mount apron sink, apron front retrofit sink, retrofit farmhouse sink, or self-rimming apron sink, is a versatile sink style that can be installed into existing cabinetry, making the process more convenient and affordable. It gives you the farmhouse sink look without requiring a complete kitchen renovation.

Drop-In Farmhouse Sinks
Drop-In Farmhouse Sinks

Top Mount / Drop-In Farmhouse Sinks vs. Traditional Farmhouse Sink

Most conventional farmhouse sinks are built to fit under-mount into specifically ordered or custom-made farmhouse kitchen base cabinets. A built-in support structure will be included in the cabinet to support the weighty washbasin. You may browse our selection of retrofit farmhouse sinks if you’re searching for a farmhouse-style sink with lower apron heights that can be placed in typical kitchen cabinets.

Farmhouse sink with drainboard
Farmhouse sink with drainboard

Retrofit farmhouse sink solutions with top-mount (drop-in) and under-mount installations are available from us.

Retrofit farmhouse sink installation

Retrofit farmhouse sinks are made especially to slide into regular cabinets with minor adjustments. The installation process may be made easier and more accessible by installing them into the already-existing countertop cutout. On the other hand, conventional farmhouse sinks are usually placed during initial construction or as part of a kitchen makeover and require exceptional cabinetry or changes to suit the big apron front.


With a conventional countertop cutout, retrofit sinks may be put into standard cabinets while keeping the original cabinetry structure. However, traditional farmhouse sinks frequently need exceptional cabinetry that extends and supports the front apron.

Farmhouse sinks Aesthetics

Whether retrofit or classic, farmhouse sinks have a noticeable front apron that reaches beyond the countertop’s edge. A distinctive feature of farmhouse sinks is the apron front, which gives the kitchen a dramatic visual aspect. The primary distinction is how the pieces are installed and how much customisation is needed to get the desired look.

Quartz sink
Quartz sink

10 Drool-Worthy Farmhouse Sinks for Kitchens

Undoubtedly, a farmhouse sink is considered an essential feature for several kitchen remodeling projects. They are frequently referred to as apron front sinks due to their wide front panel.

In addition to their timeless aesthetic appeal, there are other characteristics that make them highly favored among many home cooks. Firstly, they are more user-friendly in terms of ergonomics. Unlike undermount and drop-in style sinks, forward-extending sinks eliminate the need to reach over the counter. In addition, these sinks come in various diameters and depths, typically being significantly deeper than alternative sink kinds, hence facilitating easier rinsing and washing tasks. Furthermore, farmhouse sinks are offered in a variety of materials and hues, such as stone and fireclay. Our compilation of stunning illustrations features a captivating turquoise choice that you must not miss.

Hammered Copper Farmhouse Sink in a Rustic Kitchen

Christina, the author of Christina’s Adventures blog, successfully installed a stunning hammered copper farmhouse sink in her kitchen. Initially, she doubted her decision. However, she is now really content with the choice. Her cooking area, which has a rustic aesthetic, gains aesthetic appeal, warmth, and a visually striking texture from the copper metal.

Hammered Copper Farmhouse Sink in a Rustic Kitchen
Hammered Copper Farmhouse Sink in a Rustic Kitchen

Black Farmhouse Sink Made of Granite Composite

While renovating her kitchen, Maureen, the blogger behind the Red Cottage Chronicles, replaced her old ceramic drop-in sink with a stunning apron front sink made of granite composite. The sink’s bold black hue adds a contemporary element to the kitchen with rustic influences. Furthermore, it creates a stunning juxtaposition between the butcher block counters and the light-colored cabinetry.

Black Farmhouse Sink Made of Granite Composite
Black Farmhouse Sink Made of Granite Composite

Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink in a Classic White Kitchen

Beth, the writer behind the lifestyle site 1111 Light Lane, presents a modern and up-to-date interpretation of the traditional white kitchen. The cooking room is equipped with equipment and fixtures made of cool-toned metals, such as nickel and chrome. Take note of the apron front sink. The use of stainless steel, which matches the equipment, further enhances the kitchen’s cohesive, contemporary style.

Stunning Soapstone Farmhouse Sink in a Colorful Kitchen

Soapstone is one of our preferred natural stones for farmhouse sinks. For what reason? Over time, the material will acquire a beautiful and weathered patina that adds a cozy touch to functional kitchen areas. This vibrant illustration by JAS Design Build showcases the integration of a soapstone apron front sink and a matching countertop, complemented by lively yellow cabinets.

Shallow Farmhouse Sink Made of Fireclay

The kitchen showcased on Home Polish includes a traditional white farmhouse sink constructed from fireclay. The material is a ceramic compound that undergoes high-temperature molding and is subsequently covered with porcelain enamel to enhance its durability. Although apron front sinks are often deeper than regular alternatives, this particular one is very shallow.

Slate Farmhouse Sink in Traditional Kitchen

In this traditional kitchen environment designed by Whitten Architects, a black granite countertop and an honed slate farmhouse sink form an attractive combination. Observe the contrasting effect of the black features against the light green walls.

An Extra Deep Double Basin Farmhouse Sink

Looking for something substantial? Look at this Butler Belfast apron front sink in a Kitchen Capital-designed kitchen area. Originally intended to bathe a young infant, the deep twin basins—which have Victorian period echoes—were first Later, as you may have imagined, the supersized sink became a regular fixture in butler kitchens in aristocratic residences.

Turquoise Farmhouse Sink in a Lake House Kitchen

Do you find your kitchen lacking color? See the blue apron front sink in Top Notch Design Studio’s cooled toned room. The final touch that really made the kitchen area unique was added here.

FAQs About Drop-In or Top Mount Farmhouse Sinks

What drop-in farmhouse sink materials are available?

You may choose from various materials for drop-in farmhouse sinks to fit your functional and aesthetic demands. Stainless steel, granite/quartz composite, fireclay, and glacierstone are popular material options. These sinks have the characteristic farmhouse sink spaciousness, longevity, and timeless appeal.

What does retrofit farmhouse sink mean?

The phrase “retrofit farmhouse sink” describes a type of farmhouse sink that may be placed into an existing kitchen without requiring significant changes to the countertop or cabinetry, as was covered earlier in this piece. Retrofit farmhouse sinks usually come with a lip or flange that makes it possible to install them onto the current cabinetry without modifying or cutting the countertop. Because of this, they’re a practical choice for homeowners who want to update their kitchen without completely remodeling it by adding a farmhouse sink.

How do I install a drop-in or top-mount farmhouse sink?

There are two standard installation techniques for farmhouse sinks: drop-in or retrofit: top-mount (drop-in) installation and under-mount installation. The front apron can be seen when the sink is installed under-mount, allowing it to be placed beneath the countertop. The retrofit washbasin is installed on the top mount, with the top edge resting on the countertop surface, by simply dropping it into a pre-cut hole in the countertop.

Kohler has a particular phrase that they use, which is “self-trimming.” This kind of sink is akin to a retrofit farmhouse sink. Self-trimming sinks are also available. Much like the retrofit installation, the self-trimming apron overlaps the cabinet face to facilitate a speedy installation and produce magnificent results. A rough cut that overlaps the cabinet front is required for the self-trimming design to function correctly.

What are self-trimming farmhouse sinks?

Kohler uses a word specifically called “self-trimming.” Self-trimming sinks are similar to farmhouse sinks that have been retrofitted. The self-trimming apron overlaps the cabinet front for a fast installation and beautiful results, much like the retrofit installation. All that is required for the self-trimming design is a rough cut that overlaps the cabinet face.

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