Dual-Flex Rim Copper Sink

Copper Kitchen Sinks

Copper sinks should be constructed with 99% pure copper with 1% zinc added to ensure their strength and cohesiveness.

Copper Kitchen Sinks
Copper Kitchen Sinks

To create our SoLuna copper sinks, we need this particular alloy. Copper has inherent antibacterial characteristics, which makes it an excellent material for use in the harsh climate of the kitchen.


There are two primary kinds of copper kitchen sinks: the standard kitchen sink design, which may be fitted in an under-counter or drop-in mount format, and the farmhouse sink style. Both of these styles are available.

Sinks made of copper have a rustic appearance, which makes them an excellent choice for the farmhouse sink design.

Drop-In Copper Sinks

The drop-in sinks for kitchens made of copper are intended to fit correctly and efficiently into counters that have already been cut. Every one of our drop-in kitchen sinks is designed to be incredibly simple to install, making it possible for you to create a whole new kitchen with just a few simple do-it-yourself projects.

Drop-In Copper Sinks
Drop-In Copper Sinks

However, kitchen drop-in sinks are everything but typical, despite the fact that this particular style of copper sink for the kitchen is the most common installation technique. Your brand-new copper washbasin will immediately and quickly become a source of envy in your kitchen since it has sophisticated designs, a flush fit, and instructions that are easy to understand.

Undermount Copper Sinks

Undermount sinks for kitchens made of copper are meant to be installed under pre-cut worktops; they are attached to the granite from below. This mounting type is edgeless and flexible, providing a more extensive work surface due to the absence of a rim extending over the tabletop.

Undermount Copper Sinks
Undermount Copper Sinks

Other benefits include more straightforward cleaning. Having an undermount rim prevents you from worrying about the lip of the kitchen sink while cleaning your countertop. This makes cleaning your countertop a breeze. If you are searching for a simple solution that does not need any fuss, then these sinks are the ideal choice for your kitchen.

Dual-Flex Rim Copper Sink

Specific copper sinks come with a dual-flex rim with a flat undermount rim and a tiny bend at the end. This design allows for a drop-in installation that is both attractive and flexible. You have the option of either “drop-in” or “under-mount.” In any case, it ensures that these kitchen sinks have an excellent appearance.

Dual-Flex Rim Copper Sink
Dual-Flex Rim Copper Sink

Farmhouse Copper Sinks

Any kitchen would benefit from adding these beautiful and traditional farmhouse sinks, sure to spark a lively debate. This design is not only difficult to overlook but also challenging to detest because of its stunning apron fronts.

Not only does a farmhouse sink from Sinkology evoke feelings of nostalgia and warmth, but when combined with our contemporary flare, this sink is the perfect choice for either classic or contemporary kitchens.

Farmhouse Copper Sinks

Copper farmhouse sinks, and fireclay farmhouse sinks are also available from our company. With this washbasin, your kitchen area will be completely transformed instantly, whether you have a rustic and cozy cottage or a contemporary metropolitan loft.

All of our items, including these high-quality copper sinks and fireclay sinks, come with a guarantee for customer ownership.


What Are the Benefits of Copper Sinks?

Below are some facts about copper that will help you comprehend why copper sinks are highly sought-after. The metal that has been significant in human use for the longest period is copper.

Over ten thousand years ago, copper was initially used to produce implements. Cypress was the source of its genesis, and the ancient Romans conducted mining operations there. Copper possesses incredible antibacterial capabilities.

Microorganisms and viruses are unable to inhabit copper. Any kitchen surface, particularly sinks, may benefit from this arrangement. Copper kitchen sinks are often resistant to stains, which is another advantage of using them. With acids, you will need to use extreme caution.

Copper is a metal that is both soft and durable and has unique qualities. Sharp items might scratch the copper. Hot appliances, containers, and utensils may damage the copper finish. The color of copper tends to get darker over time.

Patina is the term provided to describe this quality. Both polished and raw copper are available. The decision between the two different kinds of finishes is a question of personal preference.

Although copper sinks are more costly than sinks manufactured from other materials and require particular maintenance, the ultimate product is worth investing money and work. Copper sinks are also more difficult to clean than other finishes.

How to Select Your Copper Sink

Regarding space, what is the minimum size of a washbasin you require? I was wondering how much room you have in your kitchen. Spend some time visualizing the washbasin that is located in your kitchen. Which specifics and finishes do you find most appealing? Do you like copper that has been manually hammered or smoothed?

Single or Double Sink

Do you like a single bowl or the look and ease of use of double bowls?

What copper sink style do you like?

A sink known as an Apron Front Sink extends to the front of the cabinet. An undermount sink will be installed at the same level as the countertop.

A copper vessel-mounted sink is an excellent option if you are searching for a fashionable sink. This sink is installed on top of the cabinet and is a stunning focal point for your kitchen.

What Copper Finish do you prefer?

There’s a chance that you could make your copper kitchen sink unique by picking out the style you want. One of your main choices is between a smooth or rough finish. You can get a lot of different surface finishes by hand hammering. These include Beehive, Bouquet, Grain, Heavy, Hood, and Light.

If you want a smooth finish with little or no roughness, you could also choose from Antique Copper styles, New Penny, Old Coin, Rose, and Weathered Copper.

As you look at your kitchen sink’s different colors and copper finishes, you’ll see that the customization options let you make a unique and personal focal point for your kitchen.

Is The Gauge of A Copper Sink Important?

When you are choosing your copper kitchen sink, you will encounter references to the gauge of the copper. The gauge is the measurement of the copper’s thickness. The gauge should get special attention since it provides important information about the longevity and quality of the copper.

If you buy the highest-quality sink within your budget and give it the best maintenance possible, your copper sink ought to last a lifetime. You should avoid using any washbasin with a gauge larger than 18 if you want to avoid denting. The washbasin is thicker and more durable when the gauge number is lower than when it is greater.

The washbasin will become thinner, lighter, and maybe less sturdy as the gauge number rises. Furthermore, the gauge number will rise. Every single one of the better 14 gauge copper kitchen sinks that World CopperSmith crafts is 33% thicker than the typical 16 gauge copper that is available on the market.

You can feel the quality difference between a 16 gauge copper sink and sinks built of larger gauge steel when you touch a copper sink manufactured of 16 gauge copper. There’s no denying the object’s sturdiness and weight.

You may use the following technique to find your copper sink’s thickness: When an electrical current strikes copper sinks made of higher gauge copper, which are less expensive, the sound they make is tinny. Better quality 16-gauge or smaller gauges provide richer tones.

By customizing your washbasin from a multitude of options, you can ensure that it perfectly complements the design and arrangement of your kitchen. The top five copper sinks for kitchens in 2022 are shown below. With some basic information on copper and copper kitchen sinks under your belt, you should be able to understand why these sinks are the finest.

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