Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity

A bathroom vanity sink and the surrounding storage structure are the two components that make up a bathroom vanity setup. Not only does it provide storage space, but it also conceals exposed plumbing, which helps to maintain a more organised and clean appearance. In certain instances, bathroom vanities are very streamlined, with most plumbing covered and very little storage space.

Bathroom Vanity
Bathroom vanity top sink

Bathroom Vanities with Tops and Sinks

In our opinion, the loo is a sanctuary where people can relax and refuel in addition to being a useful place. When creating your dream bathroom, our collection has been thoughtfully chosen to offer a variety of options and to mirror the newest trends in bathroom design. This collection offers completely customised vanity sets, making it a hassle-free process. You can customise the design of your amazing vanity by selecting from our selection of bathroom sinks, vanity tops, and vanity bases. This will allow you to get a very personalised look.

Bathroom Vanity
Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanities With Tops

We have a large range of aesthetics in our collection to suit your tastes, from farmhouse-inspired rustic styles to sleek and minimalist designs. Whether you go with a traditional standalone vanity or a contemporary floating vanity, we have the perfect alternative for you if you want to update the look of your bathroom.
The durability and overall aesthetic appeal of bathroom vanities are largely dependent on the materials chosen. For this reason, we prioritise premium materials above all others in our collection. Each vanity is expertly constructed to withstand the rigours of regular use while exuding classic beauty. The materials used in the construction of each vanity range from solid and reclaimed wood to engineered wood and even eco-friendly solutions.
To accommodate a variety of needs, we offer a range of sizes. Our selection includes vanities that come in various widths, depths, and heights to guarantee that they are an excellent match for your bathroom, regardless of whether it is a tiny powder room or a huge central bathroom.
Please look at our selection of the most recent fashion trends, well-known designs, and reputable brands. Spend some time perusing our assortment right now and get ready to go on a journey that will take the beauty and practicality of your bathroom to new heights.

Bathroom Vanity Tops

Please browse our selection of vanity tops for bathrooms. Copper, Carrara marble, NativeStone (with colour choices), brushed nickel, and other luxury materials are offered for meticulously crafted vanity tops.
Discover our current collection’s ideal combination of design and function, and turn your bathroom into a haven of elegance. Please take advantage of our one-time offer and save up to 65%, plus get free delivery on all orders.

Customise Bathroom Vanities: Select Vanity Bases, Tops, and Sinks

Check out our stunning bathroom vanities and see how beautiful and practical they are. Discover our extensive assortment and allow us to assist you in designing a bathroom that complements your style and improves your everyday life.

Select Vanity Bases, Tops, and Sinks

Complete vanity sets, comprising bathroom vanities with tops, standalone vanity bases, vanity tops, and a selection of bathroom sinks, are just one of the many alternatives on our website. This allows you to design the ideal vanity ensemble according to your tastes. You may choose the kind of goods using the filters.

The vanity tops and bases are available in a wide range of materials, each with unique beauty and long-lasting quality. A wide variety of solutions are available to meet your aesthetic preferences, whether it is the classic beauty of natural stone, the contemporary minimalism of engineered materials, the earthy naturalness of wood, or the hypnotic lustre of copper.
In addition, we know that for a one-of-a-kind style, customisation is king. That’s why you can personalise the vanity tops and bases to fit your bathroom’s design scheme. We work hard to make your ideal vanity a reality, considering all your specifications, from the finish you choose to the exact measurements and features you need.

Bathroom Sink Vanity
Bathroom Sink Vanity

We have many bathroom sinks available to go along with your custom vanity. Here, you may find various sinks in various forms, sizes, and materials, including under-mount, vessel, and drop-in options. You may discover the appropriate washbasin from our extensive collection to match your unique vanity design.
Check out the bathroom vanities with tops and sinks selection if you want a wholly assembled vanity set and prefer a less hands-on approach. To guarantee a unified and professional appearance for your bathroom, these carefully selected sets have a balanced blend of vanity tops, bases, sinks, and sometimes even faucets.


What bathroom vanities are in style?

Here are some things to consider: not just your tastes but also the layout of your bathroom and the space you have to work with.

What are the best bathroom vanities?

The “best” bathroom vanity may be hard to pin down since it depends on personal taste, available funds, and the room’s layout and style. But before you choose a vanity for your bathroom, think about the following:

Quality and Durability: Try to choose vanities crafted from solid wood or robust engineered wood, two examples of high-quality materials. Be careful to check the hardware, coatings, and structure for signs of wear and tear.

Size and Configuration: Before you go shopping for a vanity, measure the area in your bathroom. Before you buy, measure the area you’ll need for storage and the number of sinks you’ll need.

Style and Aesthetics: Ensure your chosen vanity harmonises with the bathroom’s overall design scheme. Make sure the vanity complements your taste in design, whether it’s more contemporary, classic, rustic, or something entirely else.

Functionality and Storage: Check how well the vanity works. You should seek out features that cater to your demands, such as soft-close doors and drawers, enough countertop space, and practical storage solutions.

Sink and Countertop: Consider the countertop material (marble, quartz, granite, undermount) and the kind of sink (vessel, integrated, undermount, etc.). You should make sure they’re long-lasting and beautiful.

Budget: Before you go vanity shopping, decide on a financial range. By doing so, you may zero in on vanities that fit your budget and eliminate unnecessary choices.

Are bathroom vanities easy to install?

Your degree of do-it-yourself expertise, the intricacy of the vanity’s design, and the current plumbing and electrical configuration in your bathroom are all variables that may affect how easy it is to install the vanity. Some broad things to think about while setting up the system are as follows:
Skill Level: In most cases, putting in a bathroom vanity calls for some basic knowledge of plumbing and woodworking. The installation method may not be too difficult if you’re familiar with comparable undertakings or can handle simple home repair jobs. On the other hand, it could be prudent to seek the help of an expert if you lack confidence or knowledge in the matter.

Preparing the Space: It is essential to have the area ready before you install the vanity. This process includes disconnecting the plumbing lines, levelling the space, and removing the old vanity. Alterations to the electrical or plumbing connections could be necessary, necessitating the assistance of a professional.

Assembling the Vanity: Some assembly may be necessary for your chosen vanity. Making the countertop, sink, hardware, and other components like drawers and shelves may be part of this process. During this phase, be very cautious and follow the directions provided by the manufacturer.

Plumbing and Electrical Connections: After the vanity is positioned, you must hook up the water and power. This may require running water lines, drain pipes, and faucets, and it may also need running electrical wire to set up outlets and lights. To prevent leaks or electrical problems, make sure these connections are tight.

Finishing Touches: Sealing gaps, caulking edges, and making any required changes to ensure the vanity is level and appropriately aligned with the surrounding parts are all steps in finishing the installation once the vanity is placed and all connections are secure.

Note that some homeowners may think they can do the installation independently, while others would instead use a plumber or handyperson to ensure everything goes according to plan. Ultimately, your degree of comfort and expertise with DIY projects will determine how easy the installation is.

Are bathroom vanities attached to the wall?

Various designs and installation methods allow for various bathroom vanity attachments to the wall. Some typical ways for mounting bathroom vanities to walls are as follows:

Wall-Mounted/Floating Vanities: The floating or suspended look is achieved by attaching these vanities directly to the wall. The vanity is usually fastened to the wall using a mounting bracket or studs. For a more contemporary vanity, it is common practice to conceal the mounting hardware.

Vanity Cabinets with Legs: For further support and stability, some bathroom vanities come with bases or legs connecting to the floor. But they could still be fastened to the wall to keep them from falling or moving. For further stability, it is recommended to use wall brackets or L-brackets to attach the vanity’s rear to the wall.

Vanity Cabinets with Toe Kicks: Toe kicks, or recessed areas at the base of the cabinet to rest your feet, are another common feature of vanity designs. It is common practice to use screws or brackets that go through the cabinet’s back to fasten these vanities to the wall. The attachment points are concealed from view by the toe kick.

Integrated Vanities: Most of the time, integrated vanities are handcrafted to blend in with the rest of the bathroom’s decor. A system of concealed screws or brackets built into the cabinets is often used to fasten them to the wall.

The particular attachment techniques might differ depending on the design and construction of the vanity; therefore, it’s crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions and standards while installing a bathroom vanity. It is advisable to get the advice of a skilled plumber or handyman if you are uncertain about the installation procedure.
Although a wide variety of sizes are available, there are a few popular options for bathroom vanities.

Are bathroom vanities a standard size?

Although a wide variety of sizes are available, there are a few popular options for bathroom vanities. These regular dimensions are designed to fit with most bathroom designs and plumbing setups. Some typical dimensions for vanities in bathrooms are as follows:
Vanities with One Sink: Standard sizes for one-sink vanities are 24 to 48 inches (61 to 122 cm). These vanities typically range from around 18 to 21 inches (46 to 53 cm). Nonetheless, there may be differences in level.
Double Sink Vanities: In most cases, you can get double sink vanities in widths between 48 and 72 inches (122 and 183 cm), which is the perfect range for accommodating two sinks. Like single-sink vanities, double-sink vanities usually range in depth from around 18 to 21 inches (46 to 53 cm).

These measurements are just suggestions; the actual size may differ from one product to another and from one manufacturer to another. Also, we may design and build a vanity just for you if you have certain needs or preferences.
Measuring the area in your bathroom before purchasing a vanity is essential to ensuring it will fit properly. If you are unsure about the dimensions, it is best to take precise measurements of the room and refer to the product manual or an expert.

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